New finds of rudists in the Upper Cretaceous of Bohemia


Jiří Žítt, Luftula Peza, Čestmír Nekovařík

Geoscience Research Reports 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 114–116

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Late Cenomanian deposits of the rocky-coast and nearshore facies provided new material of rudists of the species Ichthyosarcolites cf. ensis Počta (Plaňany, Kuchyňka and Korycany), Radiolites undulatus (Genitz) (Plaňany and Radim), Araeoleura sp. (Kuchyňka) and Caprina cf. striata Počta (Korycany). The most important data about these species, localities, taphonomy and sediments in respective sections are briefly given in this report.