New and preliminary results of research of Upper Cretaceous sediments at the Plaňany quarry


Ctirad Sviták, Radek Labuťa, Milan Urban

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 145–146
Map sheets: Nymburk (13-14)

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The authors have investigated 27 of local morphologic depressions which were filled by Upper Cretaceous sediments. These sediments were temporarily uncovered by the extraction of stone in the Plaňany quarry. An idealized section has been compiled based on sedimentary-geological and paleontological data. The lithostratigraphic range is from a base conglomerate of Upper Cenomanian up to Lower Turonian marlstones. A lot of new information about macro-and microfauna has been collected, which is still being investigated. The following sediments comprise the idealized section: orthoconglomerate with sandy, marly and limy (1a) or argillaceous-limestone (1b) matrix, paraconglomerate with argillaceous matrix (2), sandstone (3), coarse-grained pebbly sandstone (4), glauconite marlstone (5), very compact marlstone with numerous Porifera (6), glauconite marlstone (7) and marlstone (8).