Malacostratigraphical investigation of tufas at the Pivný Brook in the White Carpathians


Vojen Ložek

Geoscience Research Reports 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 71–72
Map sheets: Strání (35-12)

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The studied tufa deposit is situated in the spring area of Pivný brook and forms a step in the NW-facing slope of the central part of White Carpathians (SE Moravia). Its main body consists of pure whitish tufa, whereas the lower and upper parts include more or less coarse scree of flysch sandstones. The incorporated malacofauna corresponds to the Holocene Climatic Optimum (Atlantic, Epiatlantic) and documents a mesic woodland environment. The pure tufa complex reflects an impressive standstill phase in the scree formation.