Czechoslovak geologic diaspora of the 20th century


Vladimír Sattran

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 172–174

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The present contribution helps to make a record of the Czech and Slovak geologists, mineralogists, paleontologists, geophysicists and mining and exploration experts who emigrated from Czechoslovakia during the 20th century. Three main migratory waves can be distinguished: the first one was caused by the nazism and following end of the democratic Czechoslovakia in 1939, the second one was initiated by the takeover of power by stalinists in 1948 and the last and biggest one started after August 1968 when Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Soviet and allied armies stopping Dubček's "socialism with the human face". The most outstanding geologists in exile are briefly characterized by their activities abroad.