Lower Turonian in the brickworks Kutná Hora-Sedlec


Radek Vodrážka, Lenka Hradecká, Pavel Čáp, Lilian Švábenická

Geoscience Research Reports 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 41–44
Map sheets: Kolín (13-32)

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Calcareous siltstones belonging to the Bílá Hora Formation from the locality Kutná Hora-Sedlec yeild rich assemblage of sponges, bivalves, micro- and nannofossils. According to the sedimentological and macrofaunal records part of bioclasts were transported from the above-lying slopes of Kaňk paleo-elevation; nevertheless, transport on just a short distance is supposed. Well preserved and highly diversified assemblage of sponges document different types of inhabited substrata, including the rockground formed by metamorphic rocks. Siltstones are upper part of the Lower Turonian in age, according to micro- and nannofossil analyses. They belong to the foraminiferal planktonic Zone Helvetoglobotruncana helvetica and nannofossil Zone UC6b respectivelly.