The structural position of Doubnice and Česká Kamenice fault systems near the town of Česká Kamenice (N Bohemia)


Jaroslav Valečka

Geoscience Research Reports 41, 2008 (GRR for 2007), pages 73–76
Map sheets: Nový Bor (02-24)

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The geologic cross-sections, recently constructed on the base of all geological maps and drillings confirmed a complicated tectonic structure of the Cretaceous cover in the area around the town of Česká Kamenice (North Bohemia). The first, plastic deformation phase folded the complex of hard, fragile, sandstones into flat, asymmetric anticline. During the second, fragile phase the fault systems fractured the steeper anticline limb. The bed inclination in the individual blocks ranges between 6-13° to SSE which corresponds to the original inclination of the anticline limb.