Preliminary geological research of the fluvial deposits E and NE of Kněžmost town


Tomáš Štor, Pavel Havlíček

Geoscience Research Reports 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 130–132
Map sheets: Sobotka (03-34)

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Summary of preliminary results of sedimentological analysis of fluvial deposits between Kacanovy, Olesnice and Podkost (sheet Knezmost 03-341) is presented. There were recognized several fluvial accumulations with the altitudes of the base 380-398 m, 342-350 m, 325-330 m, 305-311 m, 286-290 m a.s.l. The accumulations consist mainly of coarse-grained sandy gravel and sand with trough cross bedding. These coarse subangular to rounded clasts of gravels content quartz, orthogneis, quartzite, graphitic phyllite and mica shist; all rock types derived from Krkonoše-Jizerské hory Mts. Preliminary results of measurements indicate that the main direction of paleocurrents is NE to SW and NW to SE.