New data on the Upper Cretaceous near Kolín (Central Bohemia)


Jiří Žítt, Radek Vodrážka, Marcela Svobodová

Geoscience Research Reports 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 102–108
Map sheets: Kolín (13-32)

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Two new sections through basal parts of the Upper Cretaceous deposits have been studied during construction of southern road bypass near Kolín, Central Bohemia. Late Cenomanian sedimentary succession consisting of basal sandstone overlain by conglomerate, sandstone with limestone intercalations and glauconitic marly sandstone form the first section. Late Cenomanian(?) basal relict conglomerate overlain by the Early Turonian sandy deposits with phosphates and siltstones with sponges cropped out in the second section. Allochthonous phosphates, macrofauna (mainly sponges and bivalves) and palynomorphs characterize respective sedimentary environments and specify biostratigraphic determinations.