Conservation of the global stratotypes in the Barrandian area


Petr Budil, Marika Polechová, Štěpán Manda, Jiří Frýda, Pavel Čáp

Geoscience Research Reports 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 321–322

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Overall condition of the global stratotypes in the Barrandian area is, after dozen of years after their establishment, unfavourable. Professional restoration of numbering of the individual layers, the metal labels, explanatory remarks etc. at the global boundary stratotype of the Silurian/Devonian boundary at Klonk near Suchomasty, the Lochkovian/Pragian boundary stratotype at Homolka near Velká Chuchle and some of parastratotypes, are necessary. The Czech Geological Survey newly supported these activities, which should be co-ordinated with the Administration of the Protected Landscape Area Bohe mian Karst, the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Re- public and the Environmental Care Section of the Prague City Hall.