Correlation of contrasting lithologies in the Kutná Hora-Svratka Region


Veronika Štědrá, Milan Fišera, Jaroslava Pertoldová

Geoscience Research Reports 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 42–43

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Variegated and exotic lithological units are disseminated along the northeastern margin of the Moldanubian Zone. The Kutná Hora-Svratka region and its subunits show specific penological characteristic enabling correlations of some of their parts with the Gfohl terrane and other marginal segments of SE Moldanubicum. Tectonic and metamorphic features of many rocks types, which were in the past ascribed to different independent and transient subunits, are discussed again. A new extensive series of petrological and chemical data from eclogites, serpentinites, amphibolites, granulites, Ca-Si rocks, and orthogneisses are acquired and processed. A role of regional processes like muscovitization, sillimanitization, and migration of F and B in the formation of specific lithological sequences is one of scopes of our project. The target is to make a coherent review of older studies, to unify the data available, to simplify the legend of geological 1 : 25 000 maps, and to contribute to the present concept of tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the north-eastern margin of the Moldanubian Zone in the context of modern theories.