On some new finds of inoceramids in the Bohemian Paradise Region


Stanislav Čech

Geoscience Research Reports 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 85–90
Map sheets: Sobotka (03-34)

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New inoceramid fauna was found during new geological mapping as well as during a revision of some older finds in the area of the rock-cities sandstones ("Hrubá Skála sandstone") of the Bohemian Paradise. According to inoceramids, the age of Hrubá Skála sandstones spams the Coniacian Cremnoceramus deformis erectus-C. crassus crassus zones. The great thickness (c. 130 m) of the strata in this interval in the area of the Bohemian Paradise in comparison with the surrounding basinward sequences (ca 40-50 m thick) indicates greater subsidence in the regional Lužice-Jizera depocentre located along the basin margin during the Coniacian.