Interpretationof the Permo-Carboniferous top envelope in central part of Bohemian Paradise


Zuzana Tesáryová, Zuzana Skácelová

Geoscience Research Reports 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 36–39

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Correlation of well and geophysical data provides the framework for 3D modelling of subsurface deposits. Outcropping deposits and structures covered by Quaternary could be as well successfully detected and relations between them revealed. Pre-sedimentary relief of Cretaceous deposits in the NE-part of Mnichovo Hradiště Basin; digital elevation model of Permo-Carboniferous top envelope of the western part of Krkonoše Piedmont Basin; and Lužice Fault zone with deformed Prosečné Formation acquired by kriging are presented in this paper. Combination of borehole geophysics and outcrop data supported construction of 100 m x 100 m grid resolution model of top Permo-Carboniferous envelope. Therefore, the upthrow on Lužice fault was evaluated (> 320-370 m), pre- to synsedimentary relief of Jizera palaeovalley in depths from -250 m to -300 m above sea level was revealed and probable Permo-Carboniferous formation boundaries were assessed based on the model.